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November to December 2019: Schedule for Resizing, Plating & Gem Acquisition

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and along with it comes the season of heavy traffic as well.

My anxiety does not bode well with severe traffic jams, so I will be taking active steps to reduce the amount of time I spend driving in busy roads.

J and I would also love to spend more time with our baby Cittie. She’s growing up so fast — before we know it she’ll be walking, talking, wreaking havoc like a toddler…


We’re the type of parents who don’t want to miss a single magic moment with our baby girl. After all, this whole enterprise is for her!

So if you ordered an item from us (thank you!) and you purchased your item on a Friday, to cite an example, necessary revisions such as plating and resizing will be done on the next sizing day — Tuesday.

Hoping for your patience as we get things in order.

Sparkly day!


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