About Us

Hi! We’re C & J, the resident friendly couple behind Borealis Crystals. We love gemstones, turning them into fine jewelry with the help of local artisan smiths, and sharing them with the world.

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We’ve always been amazed by the one-of-a-kind beauty and sparkle gems exude — regardless of their imperfections, and sometimes even because of them. This concept resonates deeply with us: a couple of imperfect individuals with our own individual quirks. (And yes, we’re a literal couple!)

“Perfectly imperfect”

Engraving inside our wedding rings

But it’s not just because we’re eccentric and a bit goofy. We also happen to live with chronic and mental illness.

J was born with hemophilia, a disorder in which his blood does clot normally due to a missing blood-clotting protein (factor). Because of his condition, he must be careful not to get injured or severely wounded. He is also prone to spontaneous bruising and injury, even in the absence of physical trauma. He relies on regular infusion therapy in order to live normally. When he was younger, he suffered a severe cranial bleed, which caused him to develop epilepsy. Everyday life is a bit more challenging for him with these two conditions, and yet he persists one day at a time, striving to make the best of what he has.

C is your resident weirdo, artist and creative at heart, and a mental illness warrior. She suffered from an eating disorder during her college years, and also struggles with depression and anxiety. She recognizes that maintaining one’s mental health may sometimes require going against the grain of what society says you “need” to do — hence her decision to go home-based and do this passion project for a living.

Our Inspiration

Melanie Citrine Formalejo was born on January 18, 2019. She’s a Garnet baby, but we named her after a lucky stone.

Her first name is a tribute to her departed Lola Lanie — one of the strongest women we know. She dedicated a huge part of her life to serving the country, and striving to make Philippine fisheries better.

Baby Cittie is the raison d’ĂȘtre behind this endeavor — and we dedicate all this to her.

About the Store

Borealis Crystals was born out of a passion for crystals and their significance, in the hearts of two people who share a deep love for all things meaningful — and for one another.

What started out as a sideline selling crystal bracelets evolved into what it is today after C & J began curating unique gems and learning about the Philippine jewelry industry.

At Borealis Crystals, we seek to create fine jewelry concepts that are one-of-a-kind yet affordable. Furthermore, we strive to empower our clients in the quest for the gem of their dreams.

Beyond making gem dreams come true, our brand exists to fulfill two primary missions:

  • To showcase the expertise of Filipino goldsmiths and silversmiths, and help them make a living
  • To raise awareness about disability and mental health

Whenever you purchase from us, not only do you buy a meaningful jewelry piece — you also get to support a PWD family, and support our advocacy.

Catch our blogs for a glimpse into our personal lives, and to know more about the various real-world challenges people with disability experience.

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