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The Truth About Scheduling and Discounts (in a PWD-Run Business)

Photo of a piggy bank

The holiday season is now fast approaching! With expenses going up around this time, who isn’t on the lookout for a good bargain?

That said, we’re glad that you’re considering buying from us (we assume that means you think we offer a pretty good deal for your hard-earned money).

Don’t worry, we totally get it! As a new mom and dad, we’ve cut down significantly on on our holiday shopping budget in hopes of saving up for baby’s upcoming expenses. (Not to mention her birthday is coming up soon!)

We rely on this business alone to provide her with her daily needs — milk, diapers, cold and fever medicine, and the occasional pretty dress.

As a couple living with chronic and mental illness, we’ve seen our fair share of financially troubling times. For the “normal” person, having a decent job that pays the bills can prove challenging enough. What more if you face employer discrimination or debilitating mental illness while at work? Just having a source of income is something to be thankful about.

As this is the reality of our situation, we would just like to remind that we are a mom and pop shop staffed by only people. One of us is a PWD with hemophilia and epilepsy. Apart from that, we are also full-time parents to our 10-month old baby, Citrine.

Daddy J and Baby Cittie

It’s been our personal choice to stay home and NOT consider 9-5 employment, at least while baby Cittie is young. Our experience dictates that there’s really no substitute for the presence of a parent in a child’s life. Not even the prospect of additional income, or the perceived “certainty” of earning while working five or six days a week, is a worthwhile trade-off for being there for your kid.

This business is our attempt to be self-sufficient and we’re thankful a million times over to everyone still around to support us, even now that we have closed made-to-order-services that we were first known for.

Parenthood is our primary focus. We might make a few mistakes in managing this business — a few delays here and there, maybe. We pray for your understanding.

That said, we are doing our best to deliver quality items as promptly as possible. Please take note of TUESDAY and THURSDAY as our primary resizing days. On these days, we can actively work alongside our smiths and oversee production of items.

What About Discounts?

There goes another thing we’d like to address — discounts.

Everyone likes a good discount! But as much as we’d like to make our pricing flexible, they MUST stay fixed. Here’s why…

To be completely honest, we operate this business out of our own pockets. No investors, nothing. We do incur losses, especially when we make mistakes. It’s always on us. Given our situation, with our chronic illnesses and striving to manage a family, we’re very much likely to make them.

The earnings we get from every piece of jewelry you get from us are what we use to sustain our family. They also pay for our overhead costs, which can be overwhelming too. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I pay parking fees as high as 200 php a day because the only parking spot available to us charges that much.

If we could give our services for free to those who need it — we would, in a heartbeat. But we also need to pay the people who patiently build, craft, and repair your jewelry. And we also need to be paid the right amount for our 24/7 job of answering queries, taking and editing photos, implementing our marketing plan, and crunching numbers for finances. After all, this is a full-time job!

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November to December 2019: Schedule for Resizing, Plating & Gem Acquisition

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and along with it comes the season of heavy traffic as well.

My anxiety does not bode well with severe traffic jams, so I will be taking active steps to reduce the amount of time I spend driving in busy roads.

J and I would also love to spend more time with our baby Cittie. She’s growing up so fast — before we know it she’ll be walking, talking, wreaking havoc like a toddler…


We’re the type of parents who don’t want to miss a single magic moment with our baby girl. After all, this whole enterprise is for her!

So if you ordered an item from us (thank you!) and you purchased your item on a Friday, to cite an example, necessary revisions such as plating and resizing will be done on the next sizing day — Tuesday.

Hoping for your patience as we get things in order.

Sparkly day!


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On break

We are currently on break from Thursday, April 18 (Maundy Thursday) to Sunday, April 21 (Easter Sunday).

We will not be able to respond to any inquiries on our website and on Instagram during this time. However, we will be fulfilling remaining deliveries as soon as we can manage. The only LBC branches open are the ones in malls.

Operations resume on Monday, April 22.

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Notice: Custom Orders Closed

Hi all!

It has been an extremely busy time for Mommy C and Daddy J, with baby Cittie growing bigger every day. We believe we may have underestimated the amount of effort and time required in raising an infant, especially as she goes through growth spurts and the inevitable stormy periods that ensue.

More than anything else, we need to be present for her during these times. This means we can no longer devote as much time as we would like to checking multiple accounts and responding to messages right away. That is why we created this site, to help manage the incoming traffic of inquiries and orders, which we admittedly struggle to manage.

We do intend to keep our client interactions personal, as they have always been, so we will do our best to respond to Instagram DM’s — however, please forgive us if we are unable to get back to you right away! We’re just preoccupied with our baby, because seriously, the infant stage doesn’t last too long, and she’s way too cute.

That said, we would like to inform you that the current set of orders finalized via Instagram will be the last set of orders for the mean time. Custom orders are momentarily closed until all current, standing orders have been fulfilled.

Additionally, ALL ORDERS from now on will be made through the custom consultation form on this site.

If your order has not been processed for more than 1 month, we urge you to please, please get in touch with us. We have been struggling with maintaining our Instagram inbox for quite some time since messages tend to pile up.