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A 10K Rose Gold Ring Tarnished On Us. Here’s What We Did Wrong.

Previously, we published a post about how 10K gold resists tarnishing from normal wear.

This is still true. We’ve had interesting client feedback stating that the 10K rings they purchased from us months ago still look as fresh as they did upon purchase. Some have even survived trips to the beach. Awesome!

Now, we wouldn’t recommend that you take your 10K gold jewelry to the beach regularly. Nor should you bring it to the pool, because chlorinated water can cause your jewelry to break.

Personally, we do own a few 10K rings that we use somewhat regularly. We keep them in a glass-topped leather ring box with individual slots. We also make sure to clean them with mild soap and water to get rid of any grime. Afterwards, we dry them carefully.

I have a condition called palmar hyperhidrosis which causes me to have very sweaty hands. The sweat often starts randomly, with no cause. Because I have anxiety, the sweating can get even worse.

Nevertheless, I don’t let my sweaty hands ruin the fun of owning sweet jewelry pieces. I wear my 10k rings and truly enjoy them. None of my personal rings, whether rose or yellow gold, have tarnished on me.

Imagine what a surprise it was to see that one of our stock rings tarnished! From a beautiful rose gold, it turned into a rusty brown with some almost black areas.

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On the Pricing of Gems

The outside gem market is a huge one – spanning numerous nations across the globe. It’s composed of various sellers, re-sellers, and also jewelry brands who source gems from different places.

Most sellers we know and have dealt with (often from the Middle East – Pakistan/Afghanistan area) source directly from mines and are usually able to sell gems at fair prices. These gems usually come with no certificates and our primary basis for determining whether they are genuine or not is TRUST. Upon physical examination, we can tell that the stones are truly authentic. (For natural stones, we can tell by examining the inclusions found within them. Sometimes you can already tell by simply touching the stone and feeling its temperature – among other things you just get used to the more you handle gems.)

There is no consistent pricing system for such gems. Each seller is free to impose their own pricing system depending on where they get their gems. Usually, pricing is correlated with the difficulty of obtaining a particular gem given the market conditions in their area.

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