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Why I personally love 10K gold jewelry

I was exposed to jewelry from a very early age. When I was a toddler, I donned Saudi gold necklaces. As a grade schooler, I had sensitive skin, so I wore gold earring hoops. Whenever I ended up with honors at school, my dad would buy me a gold jewelry piece as a reward.

Like any person with basic knowledge of gold jewelry, I learned that the number of karats on a gold piece corresponded to its value. The higher number of karats, the more valuable it is, technically speaking. So it follows that 18k is more valuable than 14k; however, it is also softer and more prone to damage from everyday wear.

When I started buying my own gold pieces, I treated them as investments. I was attracted to the 18k gold pieces I saw behind the intimidating glass displays of jewelry stores. I also bought functional 14k pieces with the intention of wearing them everyday.

Then, a foray into gemstone jewelry changed my mind.

It started with dainty rings — inexpensive pieces which showcased the beauty of the gemstones they held. At first, I made these rings in silver. I didn’t have the budget to get them done in gold.

My now-husband got me a pink sapphire ring in silver plated with white gold, which lasted a good seven months. After that, however, I started to think about whether getting silver jewelry was still a good investment (especially as I wanted to keep my gemstone jewelry for a long time).

So I looked into getting my own jewelry done in solid gold.

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We Got Featured in ABS-CBN Lifestyle!

Your neighborhood gemstone jewelry store just got featured in an article on ABS-CBN Lifestyle, “In Focus: 6 Fresh Online Businesses Run By Female Entrepreneurs.”

We were so happy to talk about our humble beginnings in gemstone and crystal collecting, and share our advocacy to spread awareness about chronic and mental illness.

In line with this we would like to thank everyone for supporting what we do. Also don’t forget to check out our newly opened gems-only page, @auroragemsph on Instagram.