“Elizabeth,” Powder Pink Edison Pearl Pendant with Chain


“Elizabeth” is a one-of-a-kind peach Edison pearl pendant in an elaborate all-around setting made of electroplated gold-toned steel, and studded with CZ accents. It comes with an electroplated gold-toned stainless steel chain (18″). Only one piece available.

Elizabeth’s central Edison pearl is highly lustrous, with an almost mirror-like shine, and zero visible blemishes outside of the mounting.

Edison pearls are a unique type of freshwater pearl that are quite new to the market. Unlike traditional freshwater pearls, which are tissue-nucleated (a small piece of oyster tissue is inserted within an oyster, which then repeatedly wraps mother-of-pearl layers around the intruding tissue to form an all-nacre pearl), Edison pearls are bead-nucleated (meaning that a small bead lies within its core). This allows Edison pearls to achieve a perfectly round shape, like South Sea pearls. Another defining characteristic of Edison pearls is its excellent luster. They also come in non-traditional colors not typically seen within the South Sea range, such as pink, orange, peach, and purple.

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