“Twilight Blue” Oval-Cut Alexandrite on Fine Silver


Alexandrites are one of the gemstones we truly enjoy working with. Its color-changing property is truly a marvel and is a treat to watch. That being said, Alexandrites are very easy to pair with a variety of other metals and clothing. It’s very versatile and I believe it is a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

Twilight Blue features an oval-cut Alexandrite gemstone carefully placed on a fine silver band. The gemstone is surrounded by a halo of cubic zirconia gemstones. The halo helps bring out the unique color of the gem and highlights its brilliance. Each Alexandrite gem features a distinct color-change and it may vary from violet to blue, blue to gray and even violet to red. You can never can tell the unique set that will go to you, and that’s all part of the fun of dealing with such a special gem. For any resizing service, item will have a modest increase of 150 pesos

Please pre-order the item to ensure that a piece can be reserved for you.

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Ring prices are determined by various factors, including the cost of labor to resize or create a new stock ring. Rings are sold by piece.



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